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How to run your life as if it was a campaign?

Behind the scenes of the world's greatest leaders

The lecture of the international strategic consultant, Moshe Klughaft

Would you like to be a fly-on-the-wall in the rooms of Benjamin Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett?

Get a glimpse into the campaign rooms of the first president of Georgia and the Chancellor of Austria?

And how does all of this connect to writing songs that were performed at the United Nations and in front of the French president?


​Moshe Klughaft, one of the world's top strategists, has worked with ten different heads of state, including the Chancellor of Austria, the Prime Minister of Greece, the President of Georgia, the President of Kosovo, the Prime Minister of Romania, and the Prime Ministers of Israel Netanyahu and Bennett, among others.

Born with a rare physical condition, Klughaft overcame it, and was selected as one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world alongside Ronald Lauder, Jared Kushner, and Nathan Sharansky.


Experiencing almost everything on the way:

  • He was accused of being a wanted Mossad agent in one country.

  • Needed security getting off the plane after being attacked with anti-Semitism by a prime minister in another country, and was also there when it was decided to light up the Brandenburg Gate in the colors of the Israeli flag for the first time in history.

Klughaft is also the man who made a Nobel Peace Prize laureate to fly a plane over a teacher at the age of 92, and the Chancellor of Austria to dress up as a pizza delivery man and surprise people at their homes (which almost ended in a national disaster…)

And after all that, everything was secondary to the song he wrote for his grandmother, a survivor of the Holocaust, which was performed on International Holocaust Day on the National Theater in New York - as well as other songs written and performed by Ninet, Amir Benayon, Noa Kirel, Miri Mesika, Arkadi Duchin, Rivka Zohar, Yishai Rivo, Shalva Band and more.

In his lecture, Klughaft shares what he learned from the great leaders and the most fascinating campaigns in the world, and provides insights that can be used by every manager, every businessman and every person - if only they manage their life like a campaign.

*The lecture is intended for senior managers, companies and communities abroad

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Photography by: Liran Mor

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