Moshe Klughaft is an International strategic advisor and Campaign Manager to political leaders and political parties around the world, chosen by “Forbes” as one of Israel’s most influential people under 40.

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In 2018 Klughaft was the strategic advisor and campaign manager for Georgian presidential candidate Salome Zourabichvili, leading a 60%-40% turnaround against the UNM candidate. Zourabichvili became the first woman president of Georgia.
Klughaft worked In Romania, where he managed the campaign which brought an overwhelming victory for the Social Democratic Party in the 2016 General Elections. The creativity and the new approach that Klughaft brought to the campaign ensured a convincing 46%-25% win over the center right party.

Klughaft’s strategy for the center left party (PSD) focused on the slogan "Dare to Believe in Romania”. The campaign included, among other things, polygraph devices in the streets of Bucharest, where people were asked whether they believed in Romania. The results of the innovative campaign methods extended beyond social media and became a viral election commercial. In addition to this innovative campaign, Klughaft created other initiatives that and activities that changed the image of the party from a “veteran party” to a young and modern one.

Klughaft also worked in Germany with senior officials in the German Foreign Ministry, from Martin Schulz's SPO Party.

In Austria, working with the chancellor, Klughaft ran a "listening campaign", which included disguising the Chancellor as a pizza delivery guy. The Chancellor then surprised people by coming to their homes and while wearing a hidden camera, he personally listened to them while still delivering the pizza. It was one of the most viral campaigns in Austrian history.

In Kosovo, Klughaft worked with the Liberal Party throughout the country, and doubled their power in the capital. In a country focused on negative campaigning, Flughaft’s original campaign focused on positives, focused on policy and public service and as a result reshaped the political campaign strategy in Kosovo.

He also worked in Milan, Italy, with an independent local politician as well as in other countries.


Klughaft also managed the last campaign for former Israeli president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Shimon Peres. The campaign was to encourage more young Israelis to take up science and was deemed a success.

In Israel Klughaft is a senior advisor to Mr. Naftali Bennett - Israel’s Minister of Education and Chairman of the Jewish Home Party.

Klughaft managed‫ Bennett’s 2012 Israeli election campaign. The campaign was so successful it brought him up from 2% awareness only 2 months before the elections to winning 12 seats in the Israeli Knesset. It was the most amount of votes the party had ever received and it resulted in Bennet’s appointment as Minister of the Economy. After Israel’s 2015 general election, Klughaft served as a negotiator for the Jewish Home party. The impressive results of the negotiations led to the party obtaining the education, Justice and agricultural ministries. The most significant ministerial gains in the party’s history.


Klughaft was also the strategic advisor to Ayelet Shaked during her meteoric rise from candidate in 2012 to being appointed Justice Minister in 2015.As a result of his work, Klughaft was chosen as Israel’s most influential Strategic Expert by Israel’s leading finance newspaper – “Globes”.He was also chosen by “Forbes” as one of Israel’s most influential people under 40.

Klughaft is also a musician, and has written many songs for leading Israeli artists. In 2018, The Last Survivor, a poem written by Klughaft, was chosen to commemorate the Holocaust at a special meeting at the UN in New York. It was performed there, on stage, during the official International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Hebrew, Arabic and English.


Klughaft is also a screenwriter who wrote the hit TV show “Shadow Government”. The show is political drama series in the style of House of Cards and has become one of the most popular series in Israel.

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